My Book is Out!!!

VulnerabilitÓ su Linux:
Guida pratica alle tecniche di exploiting

Currently the book is available only in Italian.
The English translation of the title should be:

Linux Vulnerabilities:
A practical guide to exploting techniques

In this book i explain how to exploit:

Buffer Overflow on the Stak
Buffer Overflow on the Heap
Buffer Overflow on Data Section
Buffer Overflow on BSS Section
Remote Buffer Overflow
Format String Bug on the Stack
Format String Bug not on the Stack
Remote Format String Bug
Integer Overflow/Underflow
Conversion errors

You will learn:

The organization of a process memory
How to execute arbitrary code (Shellcodes or library functions)
How to write powerful ShellCodes
How to easily find the ShellCcode in memory
How to execute advanced return in libc attacks
How to automatize the attacks
How to elude Network IDS
How to bypass input filters
How protection works and how to bypass them